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You can put whatever you want into the internet! I seen some things!!!

I love NINE INCH NAILS OMG I wish Trent Reznor was in my house and it was still the 90s and there was mud in the living room and we play in it together and sing our favorite songs.

I wonder if I get BIG'd by the Zoltar machine if he'd make this wish come true and it would be extra weird because I'd forgotten I made the wish.

Did you know that I was once a BUSINESS LADY?

It's true.  I had jobs in offices from 2004-2008 when the economy was swallowed by monsters.


Did you know that I majored in Philosophy in college?  I went to the George Washington University in Washington DC.  My education was great and I made lifelong friends BUT OH MY GOD IT WAS SO BORING THERE.  I partied much harder in high school.  I loved drinking warm bud light beer cans because it was all I knew as a teen. It was so hard to smuggle beers out of parents' basements let alone moderate their temperature.  It was room temperature party juice and all I really wanted was to make out in the back of Cinema 10 during "Mortal Kombat" and learn more about our bodies and ourselves. 

Did you know that I'm Arnold Schwarzenegger's biggest fan probably at least in Brooklyn and perhaps in my demographic?  I've always admired his unique life story and his performances in film leave me with some of my greatest joys ever .... however I'M REALLY scarred by the 2016 election and even though he's a liberal Republican who didn't endorse Trump I don't think he came out strong enough against him, and also I'm having a hard time with the patriarchy so part of me wants to let go of my love for Arnold ... but THEN AGAIN

Even though I like to throw old tvs off bridges and think it's really dreamy to make large batches of pudding and grab it by the fistful and fling it around I'm also a sensitive soul and enjoy my delicate femininity.  That's why I worship goddesses like Gloria Steinem, Hillary Clinton, Amy Poehler, and Anita Hill.  I like men very much but I also very much like to be treated with respect and valued for my contributions to society and abilities and I GET VERY MAD WITH BAD MEN WHO ARE NO GOOD.  I like to get mani pedis because there are few pleasures involved in being a woman and I'll be damned if I don't engage in pampering.  AT LEAST THAT.  AT LEAST LET ME BE A PRETTY LITTLE DOLL IN A CRYSTAL CAGE.  But I digress.  As I said I'm also a sensitive soul.  

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