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I quit performing live comedy in 2010 to focus on filmmaking amongst other reasons. Below is a video of my standup from before my hiatus.

Improv training from:
Ari Voukydis (Basics), UCB 101
Will Hines (Scene Study), UCB 201
Lennon Parham (Character), UCB 301
Porter Mason (Harold), UCB 401
Michael Delaney (Advanced Harold) UCB 501
Curtis Gwinn (Monoscene), UCB 601
Eugene Cordero (Advanced), UCB LA

Topher Bellavia (Basics), DC Wit level 1
Katie Carson (Scene Study) DC Wit level 2, plus group coaching
Mark Chalfant (Character), DC Wit level 3

Karen Herr (Scene Study),
Mick Napier (workshop),
Rachel Hamilton (Character and Emotion), Magnet 201
Armando Diaz (Instant Brilliance),

3 years performing with an improv and sketch comedy group in DC, which included a Del Close Improv Marathon performance in 2001
7 years of performing live standup 
Several years of hosting variety shows, including 3 years of hosting Street Meat at Cake Shop in NYC and performing live sketches, as well as the Hoboken Comedy Night for 2 years, SexyTime Comedy at Mo Pitkins for 1 year

Kevin Allison's sketch writing workshop

College level acting coursework at George Washington University:
    - Scene study
    - Character
    - Physical Performance Skills: mime, slapstick, clowning, buffon and
      stage combat
    - Acting for TV/Film

Graduate level acting coursework at NYU Grad Film:
    - Acting for Directors, 1, 2 and 3. (2008-2012)

April 2016, hosted a comedy show called "Chillary" - a Hillary comedy love fest in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

January - March 2020, wrote, directed & hosted live show “Dream Role” At Lyric Hyperion in Los Angeles - actors perform an original monologue for parts you’ve never seen them in before but they always wanted to play.

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